Non-woven en geweven geotextiel van GeoFanTex Geosynthetics

GeofanTex Geosynthetics is de toonaangevende leverancier van non-woven geotextiel, geweven geotextielweefsel, petgeogrids, glasvezel geogrids, kunststof geogrids, geocells, geomembranen, geonet. GeofanTex exporteerde de Geosynthetics-producten in de afgelopen jaren met schepen naar Nieuw-Zeeland, Canada, Zuid-Amerika en Zuidoost-Azië en Zuid-Afrika en Afrika. De Geosynthetics zijn ontworpen en geplaatst op de projecten van milieutechniek en oceaanbeschermingstechniek.

GeoFanTex Geosynthetics Co., Ltd.

China Leverancier: Geotextiel: Geweven geotextiel / Niet-geweven geotextiel Geogrid: PP geogrid / HDPE geogrid / PET geogrid / Fiberglass geogrid Geomembraan: HDPE-membraan / LLDPE-membraan / EPDM-membraan Geocell: Gladde HDPE-geocell / Getextureerde HDPE-geocel Geonet: Tri-planaire geonet / Bi -planear geonet Geocomposites

  • Geotextile laying basic and process requirements

    1. The joint shall intersect the slope line; where the slope is balanced or there may be stress, the horizontal joint shall be greater than 1.5 m. 2. On the slope surface, anchor one end of the geotextile, and then lay down the slope of the coil to ensure that the geotextile is kept tight. 3. All geotextiles must be pressed with sand bags, which will be used during laying and retained to the top layer of material.

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  • Geogrid Applications

    Geogrid is suitable for reinforcement of various dams and subgrades, protection of slopes and reinforcement of cave walls. Reinforcement of permanent foundations such as large airports, parking lots, and dock yards.

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